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Corporate Profile

Takeshiro promises, We deliver the satisfaction to our customers.

The harmony of human, technical and nature makes a new start.

the confidence of our 50-year history and the accumulated knowledge bring customers their satisfactions.

We continue to propose a thing through corresponding to the customerfs needs.

In Okazaki and Komaki, the two bases, we correspond to the customerfs needs more localized and more closely.

We challenge to innovate the original management methods and production systems by the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

We manage the global production by listed in UL Wiring Harnesses and UL Processed Wire.

Corporate Policy
Our motto is envisioned dream, if we act with enthusiasm, always realized.
To implementing measures for the survival strategy.

Company Profile and History

Trade name TAKESHIRO Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
Second Factory
Third Factory
TEL : 0564-51-8254 / FAX : 0564-52-7329
miai factory 444-0072
TEL : 0564-59-5650 / FAX : 0564-59-5651
Komaki factory 485-0821
TEL : 0568-47-1174 / FAX : 0568-47-1210

Officer Executive chairman Hiroshi Sakai
  President & CEO Eiko Ura
Capital JPY30,000,000-
Number of employees 180
August 1967 Establishment
January 1985 Co., Ltd. established @Company nameFTakeshiro Industries Ltd
August 1998 Renamed Takeshiro Inc.
December 1998 Nagoya Sales Office opened
May 1999 ISO9002 Certification
December 1999 ISO14001 Certification
May 2000 Komaki new businessiRelocated factory office from Nagoya to Komakij
April 2001 ISO9001:Migrate Authentication Fiscal 2000
September 2004 Komaki new business Motomachi Plant
November 2004 Established Beijing Hnatake Science And Technology Co.Ltd in China
December 2004 Established Firujun Co., Ltd.
February 2005 Plant establishment Miai
June 2005 ISO14001:Migrate Authentication 2004 edition
June 2008 Established Tianjin Hnatake Science And Technology Co.Ltd in China
May 2009 hrnXOOPFMigrate Authentication 2008 edition
March 2010 UL process dwyer registration
July 2010 UL wiring harness registration
November 2010 KYARAINNOVATE INC. an affiliate
November 2011 Relocated Komaki factory from Motomachi to Honjo
March 2015 Established JTA Electronics(PHILS)Corporation in China