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Manufacturing and assembly process

Measuring equipment assembly, wire harness, control panel assembly, electronics assembly, Handa processing infrastructure in the clean room work,
Fiber optic cable processing, continuous terminal agency in Japan, staffing and manufacturing support

yŠ”Žฎ‰๏Žะ’|‘ใz Head Office Factory Second Factory Third Factory Miai Factory Komaki Factory

ก–k‹ž‰ุ’|‰ศ‹Z—LŒภŒ๖Ži(Beijing Hanatake Science And Technology Co., Ltd.)

œWeb : http://hanatake.com.cn/
œTel F 010-69490131-801 / Fax F 010-69490131-808
œAdd :101303 China No.7 Industry Area Jinma Gaoliying Shunyi Beijing
ก“V’ร‰ุ’|‰ศ‹Z—LŒภŒ๖Ži(Tianjin Hanatake Science And Technology Co., Ltd. )
œTel F 022-23833182 / Fax F 022-23833183
œAdd : 300380 China No.16 Huixin Road ,Zhangjiawo Industrial Park, Xiqing District,Tianjin
กJTA Electronics(PHILS)Corporation (ƒWƒF[ƒeƒB[ƒG[ ƒGƒŒƒNƒgƒƒjƒNƒXŠ”Žฎ‰๏Žะ)
œTel F 010-63-499-5165
œAdd : Bldg46 Philexcel Business Park M.A. Roxas Highway Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga, Phillippine

Name Sciences Bioscience

Design, manufacture and sales of laboratory and research equipment
Various Biosciences Genomics services

กƒtƒBƒ‹ƒWƒFƒ“Š”Žฎ‰๏ŽะiFilgen, Inc.)

œWeb : http://www.filgen.jp/
œTel F 052-624-4388 / Fax F 052-624-4389
œAdd : ง459-8011 1-1409,Jonoyama,midori,nagoya,aichi

Internet Fragrance

Fragrance Business
Original planning and production, wholesale, retail, store operations (AROMA REGALO)


œWeb : http://www.kyarainnovate.jp/
œTel F 03-5830-7288 / Fax F 03-5830-7289
œAdd : ง111-0033@1F,2-10-8,hanakawado,taitou,tokyo